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Soy Bilingüe Festival

Name of Event: Soy Bilingüe Festival
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Location: Prosperity Center, 303 S. Loma Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Name of Organization Hosting Event: NEW Academy of Science and Arts (NASA)
Contact: Offices 213-413-9183, 213-483-6599, 213-426-1843
Expected Audience: Public event, open to NASA immediate community and the outside community
Lunch will be provided! 
General Purpose of Event: To promote bilingualism in the community and educate parents as to its benefits for the academic success of students Rationale: The components of this event are designed to raise awareness on the benefits of speaking more than one language, to celebrate being bilingual, and to address NEW Academy’s commitment to prepare students with the global skills they need for success in the 21st century global economy. Research shows that students who participate in multilingual programs attain high levels of academic achievement. Additionally, according to a recent UCLA study, two-thirds of employers prefer to hire a bilingual employee over a similarly skilled non-bilingual employee. Therefore, we consider that it is necessary to educate our community on the value of solidifying our students’ first language as they acquire English proficiency, and become fully bilingual and biliterate citizens of this new economy.
The Soy Bilingüe Festival Committee Presents 5 Parent Workshops!
Workshop A Spanish at Home: Motivating our children to speak Spanish at home in order to develop vocabulary
Presenter: Maritere R. Bellas, Author, Features Writer, Bilingual and Bicultural Parenting Exper
Workshop B: Learning Academics in Two Languages: Your child can learn academics in a non-English language
Presenter: Dr. Olga Grimalt, Bilingual Educator and Dual Language Consultant
Workshop C: Embracing the Maya Culture: Motivating American-born Maya children to reach their authentic selves and become productive Maya-American, global citizens
Presenter: Juanatano Cano, Educator and Leader in the Maya Community
Workshop D: Insights from Experts in Bilingual Children’s Books: Resources, tips, and strategies around finding and using bilingual books
Presenters: Author Maritere R. Bellas and a panel of other experts in bilingual children’s books
 Workshop E: On-line Bilingual Resources:
Presented by the Downtown L.A. Central Library, this workshop will provide you with an opportunity to sign up for a library card and learn about online bilingual resources that the library has to offer.
Also featuring an expert panel, activities and games for children, mariachi, marimba, Folklórico dance, Maya dance, Aztec dance, student performances, student work exhibit, storytelling tent, and more!