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Estoy muy feliz de asistir a nuestros hijos realizar éxito escolar.  Creo que nuestros alumnos tienen la capacidad y el potencial de observar y pensar de manera crítica de todo y de todos los que los rodean.  Ellos son la esperanza de un mejor futuro y una mejor educación, especialmente en estos tiempos críticos en que nuestra economía se encuentra y otros temas polémicos que están sucediendo en todo el mundo.  
I am very happy to assist our students realize school success.  I believe that our children have the capability and potential to observe and think critically of everything and everyone who surrounds them.  They are the hope for a better future and a better education, especially in these critical times when our economy is in crisis and other controversial issues are happening around the world.  This will be another great year! 

Recent Posts

Engineering Practices

This is such a great view of students' capability to produce engineering projects and testing them out to improve them.

Engineering Practices and Design

5th grade students completed their engineering projects. The weather was perfect and students were able to test their models. Students worked collaboratively in small groups of 5 and used measurement and data, along with art to complete this design process. Great job boys and girls! :)
This was such an amazing experience for Luis, Dominic, Andrew, Steven and the rest of my students.  We went to the California Science Center and saw the space shuttle Endeavour. 

"Stop Eating Trash" by Emely

This science project gives light to a real-world problem. Emely, you did an outstanding job.

"Stretchy Slime" by Rafael

Rafael did an outstanding job presenting his science project. He used language of sequence to explain his procedure and did a demonstration. He used borax, cornstarch, warm water, and glue to make stretchy slime. It was bouncy!

"Walking Water" by Johny

Johny presented his science project to the whole class. He was very shy at first, but then opened up to explain his data and results.

"The Changing Flower" by Katy

Katy was questioned by her classmates. She did an amazing job answering each question.

"Rainbow Water" by Franklin

Franklin did a great job combining syrup, honey, water, oil, and healing alcohol. Apparently nothing mixes. This is incredible and beautiful.

"How to Make Slime and What it Does Later" by Marilyn

Marilyn showed us how to make slime and even showed us a sample of what it looks like seven days later. It is messy! :)